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Pachinko - Real Money
Online Casino Game

Gameplay, Features, Reviews

Return to player 99%
Game type Mini Game
Min Bet £0.2
Max Bet £100
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Pachinko Rules

  • Pachinko is a bongo of up to 4 cards and 90 balls.
  • You can play with 1,2,3 or 4 cards.
  • Each card has 15 numbers between 1 and 90. Player can change the numbers on each card at random.
  • Numbers change simultaneously in all the cards
  • Bet from 1 to 10 credits per card.
  • In each play, 30 balls are drawn.
  • Winnings on different cards are added.
  • Prizes included in major prizes will not be paid.
  • Pachinko offers 10 extra balls if any of the following statements are true:

-Pattern 10 or bigger can be won.

-More than 50 credits * bet multiplier has been won and less than cells are missing for bingo.

  • If bingo is won in the first 30 balls and 4 cards are been played, progressive prize is given.

Extra Ball

Pachinko offers 10 balls if pattern 10 or bigger can be won or more than 50 credits has been won and less than 5 cells are missing for bingo

There is always a free extra ball in random position

Want an Extra ball


On the image on the right, a list of winning combinations is presented, as in Bingo, each of the combinations has its own prize, correspondingly, the lower the probability of its fallout, the higher the prize.

In the game, you may have a situation where there will not be enough numbers on the board to obtain a combination, and you will have the opportunity to buy an Extra Ball to “close” the required number.

Pachinko Paylines


As you may see on the example on the right. 3 out of 4 boards are lack of one number to get the winning combinations (even though it’s the cheapest one, it’s still a winning). That’s where the fun begins: you have several chances to win by buing Extra ball, that’s how you can get the number you need.

Plinko Winning combinations